Traveling to Hawaii on Friday

I am going to Hawaii on Friday, and bringing along only Ektar 100 and some film gear. The Yashica FX-7 will be around my neck most of the time, as it’s the smallest and most portable. It will be a handle little camera for quick snapshots. The Canon EOS-1N and the Bronica ETRS will be used for the shots I want to come home and frame. The Bronica for that high quality medium format, and the Canon because of it’s fast shutter speed capabilities and accompanying telephoto lens— I want to try and capture some waves close-up on Ektar!


I spent a lot of time trying to decide which type of film to bring to Hawaii. I was torn between bringing Fuji 400H and creating some creamy pastel colours by overexposing it in the bright Hawaiian sunlight, or the colourful Ektar. I decided on Ektar because its rich greens, blues and reds will hopefully look super sharp in the Oahu landscape.

Algonquin 6x6 with Ektar 100

October Tri-X

November film scans

From September to November of this year. The last frame was the last shot from my Bronica 6x6 as it fell into a lake in Algonquin Park. Shot on CineStill 800, and Portra 400. 35 & 120.