June 1, 2024

Clara on Fuji X-Pro 3

Fuji X-Pro 3, Fuji Recipe, Portraits

Blue Day

This is my first shoot with my very own Fuji Recipe that I created from scratch. This was really a process I enjoyed, and I definitely want to start creating more of my own recipes. The initial thought was that I wanted something that felt more cool in tone. A lot of what I've been shooting lately has leaned very warm. I wanted cool shadows without influencing skin tones too much. Here are my settings:

Film Simulation: Classic Negative

Grain Effect: STRONG, LARGE

Color Chrome Effect: OFF

Color Chrome FX Blue: STRONG

White Balance: Daylight (R: -2 B: 5) [Can also use in AUTO with same WB Shift]

Dynamic Range: DR400

Tone Curve: H: -1 S: +1

Color: +1

Sharpness: +1

Noise Reduction: -4

Clarity: 0

Exposure Comp: +2/3ish

All shots are straight out of camera JPEGs shot with this recipe.