May 4, 2022

Cuba on Kodak Color Plus 200

Travel, Film

The Film

Kodak Color Plus 200. This was my first time using Kodak Color Plus. This 200 speed film was a delight! I'm very happy with the results for being such an inexpensive film. I had read online that this film is a lot like Portra 400, and after shooting with it I can confirm that they have a lot of similar characteristics. I find Color Plus to be warm and have sort of a creamy gloss to it I guess? It also leans toward pastel tones in bright sunlight when gently overexposed. I wouldn't push this film too far though, it's similar to Portra and does have great range, but it's not Portra.

These were all scanned by my local lab, Photo Plus (no relation Color Plus lol) in the Bramalea City Centre in Brampton, ON. They use a Noritsu scanner and provided all of the scans in JPEG format. I then imported them all into Lightroom and did some minor adjustments in there. Nothing too heavy. Overall the lab did a great job and I am very happy.


Havana is such a colourful place, with a rich culture and a deep, fascinating, and often violent history. Most of the city feels stuck in time. From the vintage cars to the colonial architecture.

My goal was to capture as much colour as possible, and really see what this Color Plus film stock was capable of. While walking the streets of Havana my goal was to find all of the colour, and to fill my frame with it. All of the images from Havana were shot at box speed, between an aperture range of f/4 and f/8.

Color Plus seems to really come alive in bright sunlight. And really it doesn't get much brighter than the intense sun we experienced this trip. Coming from Toronto, we were just finishing up a long winter, and we were used to mostly overcast, grey days and a much weaker sun that far north. The sun here was something else. The film, though, responded beautifully. The bright light seemed to shift the colours toward a very pleasing warm pastel palette that evokes a sort of timeless feel.


We also went to Varadero which was also beautiful. Also hot, also sunny. The hotel was beautiful as well and I've also included some images from there.