September 24, 2021

Kate in BC

Film, Portraits


We arrived in Lytton toward the end of the first day. The sun was going down, and with it, we were treated to a gorgeous blood red sky, which hauntingly illuminated what was left of the surrounding forest, which was burnt to a cinder earlier in the summer in a devastating fire that stole the life of one person, and left nearly a hundred others homeless, as the flames decimated this once lively town.

You can see the branches in the below image (right) curl upwards. This isn't because of the type of tree, this is literally because they were on fire just a few months earlier.

While the blood red sky was partially due to the sunset, it was also being filtered through a heavy smog that sat just above the town in the atmosphere. I've never experienced anything like this before. We made camp just down the street after dark, but before that, there was just barely enough light to capture these images. I used a Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens, wide open. And for the shots of Kate, a 1/15th shutter speed, handheld. I wasn't sure any of these would turn out.

Shooting with Kate

Kate was our guide for part of this trip. She showed us all of the secret places that aren't on most tourists' lists, explained shortcuts, and suggested kick ass restaurants along the way. In addition to being a fantastic tour guide, Kate is a prolific international fine art model. She has shot with some well established photographers and her images have gone on to win countless awards. It was a privilege to have her along with us for part of this trip.

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