November 8, 2022

Kate on Fuji Superia 400

Film, Portraits

Shooting with Kate on Fuji Superia 400

Images of Kate Snig shot on Fuji Superia 400 in Vaughan, Ontario. Negatives were processed and scanned to high-res TIFF files at Downtown Camera in Toronto, and slightly colour corrected in Lightroom.

The above video was shot on a few different cameras. In my home, I used a Canon C100 Mk ii, with the Owl Color picture profile installed, and upscaled to 4k with Topaz Video AI. In the forest, I shot with my Fuji X-T4 on Eterna, and also with my iPhone, mounted to the top of my Canon.

All video was matched and graded using FilmConvert Nitrate, and edited in Final Cut Pro. Photos were not altered after my Lightroom process.


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