October 29, 2022

Yulia & Patrick's Engagement

Digital, Engagement, Fuji X-Pro 3, Wedding

AN Autumn Engagement Shoot

I loved this shoot. Yulia and Patrick wanted to explore areas of the city that were important to them while they were dating. We took the TTC all over town. We were actually hoping for a sunny fall day, full of colours. However, the leaves took their sweet time changing this year, so we spent much of the day hunting for fall colours. When we'd find a few red and orange trees, we'd stop and shoot.

I shot this on my Fuji X-Pro 3 in Classic Chrome. I used my own presets on these images, tweaked a little for the contrast and colours that day. If you're curious, I'm using the Fuji Classic Chrome preset, Cloudy white balance, boosted the contrast a bit, lowered the shadows (I love when the shadows look a bit crushed), added grain, and used the new colour wheels feature in Lightroom to add a bit of subtle peach tones to the highlights.